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Ethos 7920 17th Edition Multifunction Tester
Ethos 7920 17th Edition Multifunction Tester
Ethos 7920 17th Edition Multifunction Tester

Ethos 7920 17th Edition Multifunction Tester

The latest in testing technology

Introducing the new Ethos 7920 Multifunction Tester that has been designed and built to the highest standards providing you with a safe and simple solution to your test requirements.

The 7920 tester is used to verify the safety of domestic, commercial, and industrial installations. All testing is required to meet the current IEE 17th edition of the wiring regulations (BS7671). The 7920 covers all aspects of these requirements with ease of use and safety in mind. Test selection is easy to follow with the large rotary selector and easy to read large display. The F1-F4 keys also keep the type of test you require simple by following the screen selection.

Important: The 7920 provides a special safety feature that allows inadvertent connection to a live circuit when performing a "dead" test by operating a warning system on the instrument both visual and audible so the user is made aware of their mistake. In addition to this, a safety cut-out will operate and ensure that no damage is caused both to the instrument and the user.

The following tests are available:

  • Voltage and frequency
  • Insulation resistance
  • Continuity (visual/audible)
  • Low ohm resistance
  • RCD ramp test
  • Phase rotation test
  • Earth loop impedance (with no-trip facility)
  • RCD testing (with auto test facility)


  • Safety cut out if connected to a live circuit on dead testing
  • Safety cut out if connected to a 3 phase supply
  • Complete with a switch probe
  • Rubber protected surround
  • Large carry case to hold all the test leads
  • Auto testing on loop, RCD, low Ohm, continuity
  • 3 year warranty
  • Full calibration certificate


  • This test will give you the value of the mains voltage and frequency on the dual display

Phase Rotation

  • Test phase rotation quickly

Earth Loop Impedance

  • When selecting this test the 7920 automatically selects L-E No trip. The No trip loop test allows the test to be completed even with an RCD in circuit
  • 0.01 Ohm resolution on loop testing
  • Supplies If (fault current) value kA on dual screen
  • L-E high current test with If value
  • L-N with PSC value
  • L-L with PSC value


  • When selecting RCD the 7920 automatically switches to “Auto mode” on 30ma general type RCD. This allows you to go to the RCD and reset until testing complete and return to the instrument where all values will be on one screen
  • 10mA — 2A RCD select
  • General and selective RCD test function
  • Manual mode allowing 1/2X 1X 2X 5X both 0º and 180º
  • Ramp test (tripping current)

Low Ohm

  • Electronic lead null facility stored in memory so when unit is powered down and switched back on leads are still nulled saving time and ensuring accuracy of test results
  • 0.01 Ohm resolution
  • Visual indication of connection


  • Audible / visual indication

Insulation Test

  • Test voltages 250,500, 1000 volt
  • Shows output voltage and Mohm value on dual display
  • Analogue and digital LCD display
  • If connected to a live circuit it has a built in safety cut out to ensure protection of instrument and user


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