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Ethos 9015 PAT Software

Ethos 9015 PAT Software

Easy asset tracking of portable appliances

The Ethos 9015 Portable Appliance Testing Software encompasses database software for use with Ethos 9600 and Ethos 9500 PAT testers.

Ethos 9015 has a unique presentational layout enabling the software to be used very easily with little or no training.

Installing the programme is easy with the help of the Set-up Wizard. Data change and manipulation are just a couple of mouse clicks away — considerably reducing the time you need to spend on data input.

There is a complete overview of the location and test status of appliances which can be simply ‘dragged and dropped’ from one location to another.

Repeat testing requirements can easily be displayed upon the overview of appliances allowing scheduling of re-tests to be conveniently managed and uploaded into any PAT tester.

Portable Appliance Testing software has never been easier to use.


  • Drag and drop for appliance relocation
  • Schematic graphics for full overview
  • Set-up wizard guides you through installation
  • Database input from other pat testers
  • Assign client/site responsibility to test personnel
  • Multiple database feature — separates clients/sites
  • Automatic communication settings chosen by tester model
  • For use with PCs or networks (additional licenses required)
  • Reports — view on screen, print, save as file, e-mail
  • Comprehensive manual, support and on-screen help, topics and search facility
  • Maintained by a dedicated software house


Windows 98/95/Windows NT/Windows 2000

Database Import

PATS/Safety First (DOS) v5.2 or later

PATS+/Safety First+ (DOS) v5.2 or later

PATSwin v2.0/Multiple Imports


Schematic and tabular form

PAT Tester Download

Ethos 9600/9500s • PAT 1000/2000 series Supernova/Europa series (PATs+output, SSS output) Megger PAT4 • Smart PAT5000 • Micropat+

Password Protection

Multiple user access with restrictions

Data Export

To file or e-mail


View; Print; Save as File; e-mail; Barcode Reports; Barcode Labels; Customised Reports;

  • Viewer Program
  • Tester Calibration Details
  • Tester Comment Field Data Capture
  • Data and reference codes


Test & Duty holders Assignment

Other Features

Manual Result Input • Upload Facility • Asset Grouping • Visual/Full Test Data • Automatic Record Generation • Re-Test Scheduling On-screen help • User manual • Topics and Search Facility • Set-up wizard