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ETHOS 8350
Digital Insulation and Continuity Tester

250, 500 and 1,000V insulation testing

Continuity test

Live circuit warning for safety

Auto discharge for capacitive circuits

Auto null function

Buzzer for belling out

Accuracy Continuity Range+/- 3%
Accuracy Insulation Resistance Measuring+/-3% 0.01-99.9M Ohms, +/- 6% 100-199 MOhms
Battery Size1/2AA
Continuity CheckYes
Continuity Range0.00 Ohms - 19.99 K Ohms
Guarantee2 Years
Insulation Test Voltage250,500,1000 Volt
Number Of Batteries4
Packaging TypesBox
Product RangeInsulation and Continuity
Response Time2 Seconds
Safety Range300V CAT IV, CAT III 500V
Supplied With1 x Test Lead Set with Probes and Croc Clips
Test Voltage200v, 500v, 1000v
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