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ETHOS 4285
4285 Calibration Checkbox

Checks all leading makes of loop, RCD, insulation, continuity and muti-function testers

12 comprehensive test points covering, loop, insulation, continuity and RCD

Null facility to remove lead resistance

Continuity tests at 0.5Ω, 1Ω and 2Ω

Insulation tests at 0.5MΩ, 2MΩ and 200MΩ

Loop impedance tests at 1Ω and 100Ω [plus local local impedance]

RCD test currents at 15mA [x½} 30mA and 150mA [x5] trip times at 38ms

Supplied with end of line calibration certificate

Continuity CheckYes
Guarantee2 Years
Insulation Test Voltage1000V
Packaging TypesEach
Product RangeCheckboxes
Supplied WithPower Lead and End of Line Calibration Certificate
Voltage Rating230V
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